Day 8 – Tokyo Disneyland (05 Sep 14)

Day 8 and we're at Tokyo Disneyland!

We were a little afraid that the queue at Disneyland would be as long as USJ but thankfully it wasn’t. xD

We had a heavy breakfast and brought along some snacks from 7-11 too. I need coffee! xD

When we reached Disneyland the weather was very sunny and great for touring the amusement park.

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Day 6 – Nara Deer Park and Tennoji [Dramatical murder café, Abenos Haruka & Q’s mall] (03 Sep 14)

Day 6 where we went to Nara Deer Park and Tennoji to visit Dramatical murder café, Abenos Haruka & Q’s mall.

Today we ate the Japanese breakfast (washoku) and it was really much better than the western breakfast.

Clear udon soup and soba soup were our choices this morning, yummy!


We got off at Kintetsu Nara station and walked uphill, it’s a very straight road and there’s lot of cute, friendly deer everywhere.

The deer are quite friendly when greeting newcomers but they’re still a bit scared of getting hugged. xDD

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Day 5 – Universal Studios Japan [USJ] (02 Sep 14)

Day 5 where we visited Universal Studios Japan [USJ] (02 Sep 14)

Okay today we tried the western breakfast at the service apartment…

The western breakfast was not as nice as Jonathan’s and I don’t like my scrambled eggs overcooked! Dx

Anyway, after that we bought some yummy chicken snacks at Family Mart in case we get hungry at USJ. Hahaha XD

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Day 3 - Visited Odaiba : Good comic city 21, PriCon, Comitia & Shibuya (31 Aug 14)

Wee visited Odaiba – Good comic city 21, PriCon, Comitia & Shibuya (31 Aug 14)


Yay, comic city! Full of doujinshi for everyone :D

There doesn’t seem to be a report for good comic city 21 but here’s the illustration gallery to look at xD


We woke up around 5am, had breakfast at 6am plus & sped down to Odaiba.

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Day 5 to Day 11~

Well actually I wanted to blog about the remaining days one by one but because the person I travelled with is giving me tons of headaches, it makes it quite difficult to blog in a happy way.

So I will just summarise it because it's always fun to share the love for travelling to japan xD

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